The perfect dog (but don’t tell him that)

“He was the last puppy left in the litter and we don’t know why,” said Ann. “He’s just the perfect dog. But don’t tell him I said that.” Gorgeous, golden, and gregarious, Remy is now 12 and a little gray in the muzzle. But, true retriever that he is, he makes his daily rounds “retrieving” shoes out of the closet and carrying them carefully in his mouth before dropping them in various places around the house. He’s never chewed a single one.

In October, 2016, however, Remy was panting constantly and his walks were becoming more laborious. After a visit to Dr. Madigan and extensive testing, he was diagnosed with Chagas. They began treatment immediately, and one year later, Remy’s blood tests came back free from all indications of the disease.

“We hadn’t ever heard of Chagas before,” said Ann, “but we can testify to the success of the treatment protocol. Remy came through in great shape and we’re so glad to still have him with us.”